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Safety of coadministered doses greater than olanzapine 18 mg with fluoxetine 75 mg have not been evaluated.

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the mean increase in olanzapine auc is 52 and 108 , respectively.

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this was an adequate and well-controlled, two-year study evaluating the efficacy of clozaril relative to olanzapine in reducing the risk of suicidal behavior in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

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3 in another trial, 361 patients meeting dsm-iv criteria for a manic or mixed episode of bipolar disorder who had responded during an initial open-label treatment phase for about two weeks, on average, to olanzapine 5 to 20 mg day were randomized to either continuation of olanzapine at their same dose n 225 or to placebo n 136 , for observation of relapse.

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the patients were assigned to receive oral olanzapine 5 – 20 mg day or haloperidol 5 – 20 mg day .


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